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If you already have property in Bulgaria and you do not want to sell it, or your property is on sale and you do not want to lose profit at this time (the sale can last several months, and even during the season), the solution for you may to be — renting an apartment.First, some introductory information. Every year, more than 10 million tourists visit Bulgaria on average. Most of them prefer to rent apartments rather than live in hotel rooms. Today, the Bulgarian coast offers a fairly large selection of apartment complexes with a closed territory and hotel services, taking into account this — the demand for rental housing is quite high.

Before you can decide to rent your own apartment for rent, you need to answer two basic questions: how to find tenants? And how to organize housing services if you do not live in Bulgaria?Owners usually have two options:

(1) to entrust an external management company (usually the same company that serves the entire residential complex) with all issues related to rental management (receiving guests and handing over keys, minor repairs, house cleaning, resolving force majeure domestic issues, checking apartment after guests check out) or2) do everything yourself. With this option, it is still possible to use auxiliary tools that can significantly facilitate the search for customers, for example (the use of specialized platforms, such as ours, bulgaria-holiday, which have wide advertising opportunities and through which potential tenants are just looking for vacation options).

As practice and our own experience show, without outside help, dealing with the whole spectrum of issues regarding rental housing is, if not impossible, then very difficult, and sometimes very expensive. At a minimum, this requires a personal presence on site and free time.Let's consider these options in more detail:

The first option — you contact the intermediary (management company). You give him the keys, forget about the worries of meeting the guests, transferring the apartment, organizing his cleaning, and in exchange you receive money. The disadvantages of this option are that management companies do not always have their own sites and do not search for tenants. The management company takes upon itself communication with customers, but not on all issues (solutions to household issues can still remain with you), the process of finding customers and booking can also remain with you.Management companies receive and accommodate arriving guests on a hotel basis (a free apartment in one category). In addition, management companies can not always solve the problem of possible failures, find alternatives to avoid downtime even in high season.

The second option — renting out via the platform (as described above) is advantageous in that potential tenants come through them. A convenient search system, customer support in the selection of suitable options, a competent description of the apartment and its advantages, beautiful high-quality photos, as well as advertising organized by the platform itself, do their job. Through the use of platform services, significant downtime of real estate during the season can be avoided. In addition, the platforms take upon themselves the process of booking and renting (partially or in full) from the client with further transfer to the owner. In case of failure, the platform has the ability to attract new customers.By joint efforts, on the part of the owner — providing the apartment with everything necessary, and on the platform side selecting a convenient option for guests, you can even create a base of regular customers who will come back again and again.

So, what can you count on when renting out housing. The season in Bulgaria lasts a maximum of 4–5 months, of which only two can be called high — July and August (by August the sea warms up completely and you can swim before the beginning of October, but the children start school, so there is a decline in customers). In addition, it is important to remember that the likelihood that housing will be rented every day is extremely small.In reality, you can count on average 50–70% of the occupancy of an apartment in one season. To ensure that housing is not empty, it is necessary to interest customers with a competitive price, because an overpriced price will make your offer not attractive. The owner can determine the prices himself, but you must understand that the number of bookings per season depends on this. The cost varies and depends on the situation (not only furniture, but also the availability of household appliances) of the apartment, its number of storeys, as well as the remoteness of housing from the sea, shops, the airport, convenient logistics. How successful the season as a whole (number of tourists, economic situation) can also play a role. In addition to attractive prices, in order to interest guests, your apartment must meet certain criteria. There are no strict requirements, but there are recommendations proven over the years and experience. We recommend having a variety of cookware necessary for cooking — pots, pans, a set of cutlery, plates, etc. Necessarily bed linen, towels — including replacement spare sets for the number of all beds. Sleeps should be as much as possible. Moreover, it is better when the bedroom has beds, rather than folding sofas (which have a higher level of wear, while they are not so comfortable for sleeping).A huge advantage is the presence in the apartment of a variety of household appliances — a refrigerator (full, not mini), an oven, a microwave, an electric kettle and, of course, a washing machine (by the way, it is an essential factor for families with children or for relaxing for a long period of more than 5 days). Apartments with such equipment can be rented more expensively, but they are also more likely to rent such real estate (less downtime during the season). Believe me, it is very important for any family with children to have everything they need at hand, especially since such guests come for a long period (up to 1 month or longer).Investing in real estate makes sense and is recommended to save money from inflation (using a bank deposit, this can not always be achieved). It makes sense to invest in Bulgarian housing, as it is cheaper than in other countries (Croatia, Spain, Thailand, Tenerife) and makes it possible to earn income (relatively regular), as well as to be able to come at any time.

The best locations for buying property in Bulgaria.

The most popular resort towns in Bulgaria are located in the east of the country, on the Black Sea coast, and ski slopes in the south, in the Pirin Mountains.

Burgas is a popular coastal resort among tourists, in 2013 it was recognized as the best city for living in Bulgaria. Burgas is also in demand among those wishing to improve their health: the city has a well-known balneological treatment center. Compared to neighboring Black Sea cities, Burgas is a large industrial center. Large salt mines are located in Burgas. Abandoned salt pits unexpectedly became a source of oily black mud, which has an extremely beneficial effect in skin diseases.Today, Burgas is the main transport hub of the country — there is an extensive network of highways and railways, a seaport and an international airport. The basis of the region’s economy is food, textile, machine-building and oil refining industries. An important place is occupied by fishing in the coastal waters of the Black Sea.

Pomorie is one of the oldest resorts in Bulgaria. A small resort located 20 kilometers from Burgas Airport and spread immediately on two shores — the Black Sea and Lake Pomorie. Since ancient times, it is known for its unique mud properties. In addition, tourists are attracted by the authentic Old Town with its narrow streets, national restaurants and the Pomorie wine cellar, where tastings of unique varieties of brandy are held. The coastal strip in Pomorie is quite longMost of the beaches are covered with dark, and sometimes almost black sand. This color is associated with a high iron content. The city has many resorts and resorts. Most of them specialize in the treatment of gynecological, nervous, cardiovascular diseases. The procedures are carried out with the help of salt lakes, mineral waters, therapeutic mud. The latter is mined from Pomeranian Lake. It is known that even our ancestors were treated with it.

Nessebar is one of the most popular seaside resorts in Bulgaria. This city is one of the oldest settlements in the world where life has never been interrupted for millennia. By the decision of the Bulgarian government in 1956, its historical center with numerous ancient monuments was given the status of an architectural and archaeological reserve, and in 1983 Nessebar was included by UNESCO experts in the prestigious list of World Heritage of World Civilization. The road from Burgas Airport to Nessebar takes only 30 minutes. Despite the fact that Nessebar is a quiet and peaceful resort, there is something to do for both children and adults. For the younger generation, many playgrounds, an amusement park, a children's pool and a bowling club were built in the town. There is its own water attraction park „Aqua Paradise”, in the territory of which there are many slides and pools. In Nessebar there is a great opportunity to combine a beach holiday with an extensive excursion program and a tour of the historical places that the old part of the town is rich in. The linear beaches of Nessebar, stretching north and south of the city, are famous for their golden sand and clear sea water. Almost at each of them there are rental centers for all kinds of water sports equipment. For lovers of long sea voyages, there are centers that organize cruises on boats and yachts. A five-minute drive away is the famous resort Sunny Beach.

Sunny Beach is one of the most popular holiday destinations in picturesque Bulgaria. The resort is already 60 years old, it is a lively, cheerful, noisy city, which is perfect for people with an active and cheerful attitude. The resort is located on the shore of a horseshoe-shaped bay facing east, deeply protruding into the mainland. At some distance to the north, the foothills of the Stara Planina massif begin, protecting the coast from cold winds. Meteorologists define the local climate as temperate continental, the weather is formed under the influence of the Black Sea and the warm air masses brought from the nearby Mediterranean. Sunny Beach lives up to its name. The sun shines on it 2, 300 hours a year.

Sveti Vlas is a small town with a healing microclimate on the Black Sea coast of southeastern Bulgaria. The young resort is located in the province of Burgas, near the famous Sunny Beach and the city of Nessebar. Unlike the popular neighboring resorts, the beaches of St. Vlas are not so crowded. Superbly equipped beaches on the coast of St. Vlas from 2017 regularly deserve the Blue Flag. Getting to the new resort is very convenient through the international airport of Burgas, located only 35 km to the south-west. The St. Vlas Yacht Club, with three hundred berths, is considered the largest marina in the country. Near the harbor laid a beautiful promenade. From the sea to the Balkan mountains rises a hilly valley, overgrown with pine trees and deciduous groves. The clean air of the mountain forests, mixed with the fresh sea breeze, creates a special atmosphere in the resort. There are no industrial enterprises capable of polluting the environment in St. Vlas, the city was originally built as a resort center. The beach season at the resort begins in late May — early June and lasts until mid-October. The temperature of the sea water off the coast of the resort Sveti Vlas from June to October is + 23 … + 25 ° С.

Varna is one of the largest Bulgarian cities located on the Black Sea coast. It is a port and resort city of Bulgaria, a financial center and cultural capital of the country. The main advantage of Varna is its high transport accessibility: you can get here by air and by rail, including from Russia, as well as by ferries. Since Varna is a large and very popular city both among tourists and real estate buyers, the offer of houses and apartments is diverse, and housing prices are high and second only to Sofia. In Varna, at any time of the year you can improve your health in the balneological sanatorium. Varna is rich in exotic plants, sandy beaches and beautiful gardens.The city has a botanical garden and a zoo. Tourists conduct excursions to Lake Varna, where the ruins of an ancient basilica are preserved to this day. The most famous attraction is the Seaside Park, which is rich in cozy places, outlandish plants, shady alleys and fragrant flower beds. In addition, the park has several museums, a zoo and a dolphinarium.

Pamporovo is located 250 km from Sofia, in southern Bulgaria. One of the most promising ski resorts in Europe, Pamporovo is located in the Rhodope Mountains and from December to April (and the season here lasts so much) is always very popular among fans of skiing and snowboarding. Real estate prices here are slightly lower than in the sea resorts in Bulgaria, however in Pamporovo you can also find luxury residential complexes with a swimming pool, spa and restaurant.

Bansko is one of the most famous ski resorts in Bulgaria. It is located 150 km from Sofia, at the foot of the Pirin Mountains, on the slopes of which routes have been laid for both beginners and experienced athletes. There are many restaurants and bars in Bansko, as well as ancient fortresses — historical monuments of the ancient city. In the resort you can find both modern townhouses and apartment buildings, as well as old housing in need of updating. Prices in Bansko, as well as in other ski resorts in Bulgaria, are about two times lower than the national average.Fill out the form and we will place your rental ad for your apartment on our website.

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