In this article you can find out what visas you can use to enter Bulgaria. Also in the article you will find a link to our partner, a company that provides services for obtaining a national Bulgarian visa.

A Schengen visa for Russians makes it possible to enter Bulgaria, provided that it is not a single entry (you need a double entry, or even better, a multivisa).

This innovation allows the country to prepare for entry into Schengen without losing and even increasing the flow of tourists during the transition period.

So is it possible to enter Bulgaria with a Schengen visa, if one is already in the passport? This question can be answered with an unequivocal affirmative right now, but without forgetting about the restrictions for single-entry Schengen holders: they need to obtain a national visa to this country, on their own or with the help of a visa center. The national visa of Bulgaria, by the way, gives their holder the right to enter and stay on the territory of Romania, Croatia and Cyprus. However, Bulgarian visas do not give their holder the right to enter and stay in the Schengen area.

So, to obtain a national visa, you can use the services of the VFS Global visa center, but in this case you need to prepare all the documents yourself and go to the visa center yourself (which takes time). On the website of the visa center everything is explained with examples and links. In addition to a passport, a photo and a questionnaire, you will need: confirmation of hotel reservations, tickets, a bank statement confirming the presence of at least 500 euros in the account balance, insurance in the amount of at least 30,000 euros. Children and seniors will need proof of status and sponsorship guarantees if they don't have their own travel funds.

However, you can make your life easier and transfer all the worries about checking documents and applying for a visa to an agency. In this case, you will only need: passport, application form, photograph 1 pc. (colored on a white background, 3, 5x4, 5), insurance for those traveling abroad (minimum 8 days). For children under 18, a birth certificate and consent to leave the child are additionally required if the child leaves with one of the parents (this point is very important. Even if you can somehow get a visa without this consent, or everything will be issued, but according to fact the child will cross the border with one of the parents, then such consent must be made). The border guards are watching this moment with passion!

The Embassy of Bulgaria issues a category C visa to ordinary tourists. Visa "C" can be single, double or multiple. The maximum validity of a C visa is up to five years. The period of stay on the territory of Bulgaria on a visa "C", regardless of the validity of the visa, cannot exceed 90 days within every 180 days.

The term for issuing a visa is from 5 to 8 working days - the price is 59 euros per visa.

An urgent visa can be made in 2 days - the price is 115 euros per visa.

National visa category "D" is issued to only five types of guests. No one scatters such papers, since they are issued for a long time and imply fruitful work and a place of residence in the country. To whom is this visa issued?

Persons receiving a residence permit in the country, as an initial visa for the legalization of a future citizen. Thanks to her, a potential Bulgarian will be able to find a place to live, get a job and get the necessary documents without having problems with the law and its representatives.
The next candidate for this paper will be a person who is going to undergo thorough treatment in Bulgarian health resorts and hospitals. That is, the one who decided to improve his health, and the Bulgarians - a piece of the economy. Considering that the sanatoriums and resorts of this country are famous for the quality of their treatment, it is not surprising that many go there to correct their shaken strength every year.
If you got a job for a long time, under a contract and with full registration, then you will surely receive a D-category entry permit. Valuable specialists are needed at all times and anywhere in the world, so refusals on this visa are very rare.
If your relatives live in Bulgaria. Relatives should be able to visit each other at a convenient time and for a convenient period. Therefore, if your grandmother or another close person lives in Bulgaria, you will most likely be given a type “D” pass abroad.
And this item can surprise you - if you are a Russian pensioner with a good pension and want to live in Bulgaria, you will be issued a category “D” paper without any questions. The trick is that some Russian pensioners at one time were able to purchase housing in this state, when it was cheap there. Now the elderly have access to Bulgarian health resorts and the opportunity to warm bones on the Black Sea coast, and their relatives can count on a potential inheritance abroad. And the Bulgarian economy, accordingly, is on Russian vacationers who regularly come to spend money.
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