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As You want to sell your property, you immediately get the first question - how to do it? Up-loading your property for sale on your own, in any Internet resources, calling to as many real estate agencies as possible, and hope that it will work, OR to entrust this deal to the single, but a quality agency that will closely deal with the sale of your property. Not everyone seller is aware of this, but in reality the cooperation with many real estate agencies is a big mistake. Most people find it difficult to trust only one agency, essentially giving it the right of exclusivity to advertise and sell your property, although this option has several advantages. It’s very inconvenient to simply advertise your property on common specialized internet resources, especially if you value your time, you’ll only get a hundred of calls from realtors, agents, you’ll just get confused by calls from agents, supposedly clients, and at first you don’t You will understand whether potential buyers go for inspection and make photo of Your property or it will be agents (the last is surely not good). In addition, the Price determination is also very important. You need to understand which prices for real estate consist on the market, what you can really expect on based on many factors, including the situation on the sales market, economical situation, which you most likely are not aware of.

1. Cooperating with only one agency, you can be sure that this company is focused specifically on your property, as it does not waste time on other projects. At the same time, you make yourself free from control over a multitude of intermediaries, as well as from potential interrogations of other agencies regarding whether your property is still being sold, whether the price has changed, why it has been sold for so long, etc. You do not have to retell the nuances of the object, the situation, your wishes and answer other clarifying questions.

2. In order to quickly and profitably sell the property, the agency will start an advertisement of Your property at own expenses and will constantly promote it and monitor it. The agency has the broadest and most effective possibilities for  advertising, it covers the maximum number of information sources, is exposed on all professional real estate publications, in electronic platforms. YOU save not only time, but also free yourself from unnecessary costs.

3. It is basically important to discuss with the agency the expected dates of the sale, you should not have any illusions and mosbelief in this regard. The implementation period depends on very many factors (seasonality, when an object is put up for sale, the situation on the real estate market, the financial market, of course, on the condition of the real estate, location of the object, price, etc.).The selling, as a rule, takes time from 3-4 months, advertising usually starts to work after the 4th week.

4. By cooperation with only one agency you will protect also your economic and legal interests. Firstly, the safety of the data of your property internally in one company, there is no risk of information leakage to the market (the more information about your property is published on insecure advertising resources, the higher the risk of illegal use of this data by unscrupulous persons, moreover, those to whom you even did not apply).Within one agency, every step of the transaction is monitored and recorded: from collecting a package of documents for sale, presenting an object, fixing people who are visiting apartments, concluding a contract of sale, drawing up a contractual relationship between seller and buyer, and before the seller receives money, and after the actual transfer of the object to the buyer. The company works for the client, and is interested in a respectable reputation.Protection of economic interests lies in the fact that you negotiate the price with an agency, you know its remuneration. Potential buyers can only discuss this price, any discounts are discussed only with your consent. If you give your property to many agencies, each subsequent agency will decrease the price of property to become more competitive. Such unscrupulous dumping is completely not in your favor. Such objects automatically arouse suspicion among potential buyers: why different agencies have different prices, maybe the documents are not in order, or nobody needs this property (technical & engineering problems). Thus, the property in advance becomes at a disadvantage.This situation makes the seller nervous and forces intermediaries to put pressure on him to lower the price. As a result, agencies are not inferior in the amount of their commission, but at the same time put pressure on the seller to agree with the lowest price.

5. Explaining and communicating the same information to many people in several agencies, the seller simply spends his valuable time. By instructing the sale to a professional working in a reliable company, you can reduce the number of risky contacts and increase the chances of selling your property on favorable terms.


It is absolutely unprofitable for property owners to contact different agencies; this is a  waste of time, money and nerves. In addition, not all agencies deal with the full process of the transaction. We undertake not only the search for buyers, but also the full support of the transaction (including legal support) up to receipt of money by You.

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