By booking an apartment, the guest confirms that he has read the rules of conduct when living in the apartment and agrees to abide by them.

Check-in time is no earlier than 14:00 (if the apartment is ready, check-in can be done before the specified time).
Check-out time is no later than 10:00 AM. If necessary, the guest at the time of booking stipulates the need for later departure or to ensure the safety of luggage until the time of departure.
The period from 22:00 to 8:00 is the time of night rest, and the period from 14:00 to 17:00 is the time of afternoon rest. At this time it is necessary to avoid very loud music, noise, screams, etc.
Unauthorized strangers are not allowed in the apartment. If the presence of outsiders is found, the presence of which has not been agreed in advance, the guest may be denied accommodation for all guests or a fine of 100 (one hundred) euros.
Pets are not allowed (except as agreed at the time of booking). In case of finding a pet, the presence of which was not allowed in advance, the guest may be fined 100 (one hundred) euros.
If any defects or problems are found in the apartment upon arrival, the guest is obliged to inform them immediately. Upon further use of the apartment, the guest must also immediately inform about the detected breakdowns.
The apartment has furniture, household appliances, kitchen utensils, dishes, bed linen, towels. It is not allowed to take furniture, equipment and towels out of the apartment.
It is not allowed to leave the air conditioner on and use it with open doors and windows. It is not allowed to throw waste in the toilet, as well as wash the sand in the shower to avoid clogging the drain system. Upon detection of a blockage upon eviction, the guest will be charged 50 (fifty) euros for the cost of clearing the blockage.

Guests are responsible for the order and cleanliness of the rented apartment, are obliged to take out the garbage in a timely manner, take care of the property, household appliances in the apartment.
Guests are required to observe fire safety measures, not to smoke in the apartment and not to light an open fire, except in specially designated areas. If the smell of tobacco is detected during the guest's stay or during his departure, the guest will be fined 100 (one hundred) euros.
The guest bears the risk of preserving his belongings and jewelry left in the apartment. When leaving the apartment, it is strongly recommended to close the doors with a key and do not leave the windows open.
The guest is informed that the administration or the management company may change the living / stay conditions on the territory of the hotel-residential complex to which the rented apartment belongs.
The guest is obliged to hand over the apartment when leaving in a clean and tidy condition in which the guest received the apartment. At the time of vacating the apartment, it should be free of belongings and garbage of the guest, the refrigerator and freezer should be free of food.

Guest Responsibility:

The material damage revealed during the release of the apartment is reimbursed by the guest in full.
A security deposit (security deposit) is required upon arrival. The guest pays this deposit on the day of check-in. The deposit is refundable if the guest rents the apartment in the same form in which it was provided to him and taking into account the absence of debt on other financial obligations in accordance with the conditions of booking the apartment.
Special conditions:
All additional payments, such as a security deposit, a final cleaning fee, a TV and internet fee, and a condition for the cost of utilities during your stay are agreed and subject to booking. The price of renting an apartment does not include the cost of regular cleaning services of the apartment, and other additional services provided by the administration of the complex or the management company, and which the guest can order at will.
All booking penalties and other financial obligations of the guest may be deducted from the security deposit amount. Except for the cost of internet, which is payable upon check-in.

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