Change of entry rules in Bulgaria for citizens of other countries

By the order X RD-01-49/01/28/2022, valid from February 1, Bulgaria adds a dark-red zone.
Thus, in addition to the rules for entering Bulgaria for the green, orange and red zones, there will also be rules for those entering from the dark-red zone. For example, Israel, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, Portugal, Slovenia, France and others fall into the dark red zone.
Travelers from these countries will have to provide, in addition to the Green Certificate, a negative PCR test taken 72 hours before entering Bulgaria.

But the rules for the red zone have become easier. Now you do NOT need to provide both a green certificate and a test at the same time, as for the dark-red zone. They will now have to provide either a green certificate or a negative PCR test.

Since February 1, no one of the countries has been in the green zone.
In orange, everyone who is not in dark red and red. Russia, Ukraine are still in the orange zone in relation to Bulgaria and entry from them is subject to the provision of an EU green certificate or some kind of test. Great Britain is in red zone.
We remind you that the EU digital COVID-certificate is as a certificate of the standard established in the EU stating that a person has a vaccine, or that he has been ill with a coronavirus, or this is a negative test for COVID-19.
Those who do not have all this are sent to a 10-day quarantine, but they have the right to take a test and will be released from it if the test is negative.

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